“Brocades” are richly decorated woven fabrics, often made in coloured silks and adorned with gold or silver threads. The name comes from the Italian word “broccato”, meaning “embossed cloth”. The ornamental brocading is produced by a supplementary, non-structural weft in addition to the standard weft, thus creating an appearance of embroidery.

The designs of Omexco’s wallcovering collection “Brocades” seem to have been embroidered on the silky rayon yarns. In fact, they are printed, sometimes with, sometimes without metallic foil. The printing technique, and the delicate yarns (which are partly matt, partly shiny) create a subtle textile/weaving effect.

Classic designs (damasks, stripes, flowers) alternate with a geometric art deco design, and a timeless simili-plain.

All colours are elegant and sophisticated : jade, silver, frost white, pearl grey, anthracite, capuccino, verdigris, chalk, french rose, vanilla, bronze, champagne, platina.